Saturday August 26 10am-6pm After Hours Concert 6:15pm- 8:30pm Sunday August 27 10am-5pm

A Message from Kristin Meyer


A Message from Kristin Meyer
Festival Committee Member

Welcome to the 18th annual Elmwood Festival of the Arts. This year we dedicate the festival to our loyal committee members and extend a special thank you to all of them!  
To you, the festival may be Saturday and Sunday, the last weekend in August, or even the finale to the summer events. To us, it has become a ritual, a tradition, a built-in family, sometimes even a second job, but mostly a celebration of community. This year, we worked on a project with University of Buffalo interns to define and explain our roles. It was amazing to see the little ways each person contributes—the detail, the depth and passion that underlies in the duties that lead up to the festival. The collaboration is a true work of art.

They say “Times Are a Changin’,” but each year our dedicated team comes together willing, energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to do it again. Why? The pure satisfaction of thousands of people being able to enjoy the magic of music, art, local establishments, food, culture, our environment, and most of all, our people that live and support this community. 
Thank you Committee Members for yet another successful year!  

Kristin Meyer