Saturday August 25 10am-6pm After Hours Concert 6:15pm- 8:30pm Sunday August 26 10am-5pm

KidsFest Tents


The Circle of Joy is our theme for Kidsfest 2017. We provide the circle-themed art
activities, you supply the joy, imagination and people power! Come twist and twirl, decorate,
finger knit, print, play, paint, get painted and more…. Then join us for the Circle of Joy Parade
on Sunday at 4PM. It starts at the M&T Bank on Elmwood at Breckenridge. Fern, the
larger-than-life-sized Gardener will lead the way, and the 12/8 Path Band will provide the
musical groove all the way to the stage at St. James Place. Hurray to Elvi Jo Dougherty for her
puppetry prowess!
We wish to thank Cyd Cox and Anthony Brown for annually donating a tree, decorating
that tree for the Kidsfest entrance, and then planting that tree in the Elmwood Village. We wish
to thank Diane Meldrum and Craig Gordon for serving as Masters of Ceremonies in our
Performance Tent. We also wish to thank Aurora Waldorf School, Nardin Montessori Academy,
and Park School for their volunteer service. Thank you also to Cousin Kelly for providing us with
his wooden sculpture wonderland. Thank you as well to the staff, volunteers and donors for all
of their goodwill!


Our mission is to provide free, hands-on art activities for people of all abilities in a spirit of
cooperation and joy. We thank you for your donations that help fund Kidsfest, and we ask that
each person give as they are able. A Donation Station is located at the entrance to Kidsfest. All
proceeds go directly towards supplies, equipment and performances. All staff and volunteers
give their time and expertise for free, so please give them your thanks.


Learn how to finger knit. Thread a bead on a necklace. Play cat’s cradle. Or hang in
the sand box. Feel the feel of cotton yarn, a smooth wooden bead, and gritty sand. Thank you to
Aurora Waldorf School for staffing this tent, and to the Waldorf philosophy for considering play
an important aspect of education, and for incorporating the inherent beauty of natural materials
into play.


mix some colorful twisty wire with a bit of imagination and see what you
get! Fanciful eyewear? A royal crown? A Viking helmet? The sky’s the limit! Thank you to
Nardin Montessori Academy for their full fledged staffing of Creation Station.


What could be more quintessentially circular and joyful than hula hooping? Wind
colorful tape around your own hoop, then learn how to use it in the Performance Tent in a hula
hooping workshop with the Hula Hoop Queen of Buffalo!
What would a festival be without face painting? Will you be a Pumpkin Prince or a Pok-adot


Decorate a wooden bead, then send it through a wandering maze and watch in
wonderment as it winds its way. Thank you to Park School for its steady staffing support of this
Cousin Kelly operates the Woodland Extension. His sculpted wooden animated artworks lie in
wait to be brushed with mineral oil to make them shine and glisten.


Join us in making our 90-foot long banner to carry in the Circle of
Joy Parade. On Saturday we’ll paint the banner with joyful colors. On Sunday we’ll print
patterned circles!
On the other side of the tent, you can create tissue paper Joyflakes. Come and be surprised!

Kidsfest Sponsors and Donors: