Our theme for the 2016 Kidsfest is seeds; not only seeds we plant in the ground, but also seeds we plant in our minds and hearts. The dreams and wishes we plant and water are the seeds that grow into the garden of our lives. So come make wishes and spread them. Come paint. Come get painted. Come watch and listen. Come saw and drill. Come roll up your sleeves and plant seeds. Come have wheelbarrows of fun. Then join us for The Parade of Good Wishes, led by the Queen of Seeds at 4PM on Sunday. We’ll start at Elmwood and Breckenridge, and bop to the rhythm of the 12/8 Path Band. Hurray to Franklin LaVoie for his masterful floatation work!

We wish to thank Diane Meldrum and Craig Gordon for serving as Masters of Ceremonies in out Performance Tent. We also wish to thank Aurora Waldorf School, Elmwood Franklin School, Nardin Montessori Academy, and Park School for their volunteer service. Thank you to the staff and volunteers and donors. It is their goodwill that makes this festival happen.

2016 KidsFest Tent Descriptions
2016 KidsFest Performance Schedule


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