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2012 Teen Band Contest

2012 Teen Band Contest Winner!
Casey Bolles  [Facebook]   

Casey Bolles is a 16-year-old singer/songwriter from Grand Island, NY. Through his years as a musician, he has built a repertoire of his own original music, along with a vast number of acoustic covers.His unique combination of acoustic pop with elements of folk and rock music culminate to form a distinctive style.



Special thanks to all the bands and musicians who entered:

Tivoli Skye  [Facebook]   

Tivoli is a prolific sixteen-year-old singer/songwriter who learned the piano at age four, began writing music at age nine, and started playing the guitar at eleven. Her first song written for guitar, "Unbroken and Free", was about her love of horses—and it was a big hit at her sixth grade talent show. Since then, Tivoli has come a long way—she's been playing venues across the northeast, recording her music, and winning numerous awards for her original songwriting. 


The Noble Company    [Facebook]
Animal Kings

Based in East Aurora, The Noble Company consists of Spencer McGowan (vocals), Pennington Rich Watson CDXIII (lead guitar), Clay Hakes (bass) and Conor Supafly Jackon (drums). They describe themselves as a rock/jam band and cite influences ranging from Muse, to Rise Against, to Franz Ferdinand.



Erin Sydney Welsh    [Facebook]

Erin Sydney Welsh is a 16-year-old songwriter who often draws comparisons to a young Ani DiFranco or Tracy Chapman. Erin's witty lyrics and skillful blend of folk, blues, and pop have earned her appearances at Babeville, the Tralf Music Hall, Music is Art, and many top venues and festivals. 



What Is This    [Facebook]
Allstar Idiot

Comprised of Louis Oswald, Tom Balbeirz, and Adam Oswald, the pop-punk trio What is This calls to mind early Green Day, Blink 182, and even some Fall Out Boy (mixed with a little New Found Glory). The Goo Goo Dolls' Robby Takac called this band one of area's best high-school bands—and their chemistry, stage presence, and songwriting suggests he's right!


Sunny Side Up    [Website]   
Coconut Latte

Formed in 2008, Sunny Side Up started as a group of three friends who just happened to be musicians.  Since then the band has grown, and to consist of nine members—playing guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, saxophone, and trumpet.  Their original songwriting, drawing on contemporary pop and jazz influences with an urban twist, has already earned them a loyal high-school fan base, as well as prestigious gigs throughout the Buffalo area.