Saturday August 25 10am-6pm After Hours Concert 6:15pm- 8:30pm Sunday August 26 10am-5pm



Many hands make light work. The Festival has volunteer opportunities for all ages and abilities. Please call 716-830-2484 or email for details and to let us know your interests. You can also fill out the following form and someone will be in touch with you soon!

Volunteer Form
  •   Carpentry
      Office tasks
      Graphic design
      Sign painting
      Setup/ tear down
      Ad sales/ marketing
      Community outreach
      Stage management
      Food/ cafe
      I'll help out anywhere you need me!

A huge “Thank You!” once again to all of our terrific volunteers!  You give your time, efforts and energies to the festival, and the synergy that is created is truly wonderful and is felt by all.

We would like to give a special thank you this year to Buffalo’s newcomers who volunteer.  So many of you see the Elmwood Festival as a great opportunity to get to know our fair city up-close and personal, and we couldn’t agree more!  You sure do know how to make a good first impression!  Thank you, and welcome to Buffalo!

2017 Festival Volunteers

Steve Taylor
Adegboyega Francis-Thompson
Alana Adams Cloud
Alayah Choudhury
Alex Antrum
Alexandria D’Jesus
Allie Banas
Alyssa Phillips
Alyssa Cardina
Amanda Stewart
Amber Roman
Amy Lagattuta
Ana Angelica Lanzo
Andrew Inchiosa
Anika Gannen
Ann Hutchinson
Annemarie Gibson
Annette Brzezniak
Arielle Hyman
Barbara Dawkings
Betsy Yates
Bianca Gonzales
Bishnu Waiba
Bob Nealson
Bobbie Willis
Bobby Walsh
Brendan Corey
Brianna Mutsindashyaka
Brianna Smith
Brittany Wysocki
Brittney Valelry
Cal Pendleton
Carley Townsend
Carol Chapman
Cassie Czuprynski
Cathy Sandoval
Charlie Evans
Chelsea Kelley
Chelsea Qualls
Cheryl Kofoed
Chiara Moslow
Chris Freeland
David Buck
Christina Harris DiVincenzo
Christina Wright
Christine Gallo
Christopher Koenig
Cindy Mang
Clarian Patti
Cliff Stonebraker
Cyndi Stonebraker
Dan Calabrese
Dana Roman
Danielle Brunch
Danielle Sarent
Darleen Warnica
Darlize Kelley
Darlize Kennedy
Megan Cook
Pamela Cox
Frank Cupido
John D’Aquino
Elvi Jo Dougherty
Leah Dokos
Soleigh Dougherty
Charlie Evans
Dee Evans
Heather Fava
Devin Feeley
Dana Fisher
Jonah Fogel
Sophie Fogel
Alexandra Francis
Adegboyega Francis-Thompson
The Gallo Family
Katie Gleason
Marisol Gonzalez
Dinah Hardy
Lori Harrell
Yuri Hreshchyshyn
Daniele Huber
Cyndi Hunt
Katy Humphrey
Rebecca Humphrey
Sandra Jardine
Ruth May Kane
Jeremy Kinsman
Laurie Klem
Alex Kompson
Karin Lowenthal
Larry Lundberg
J. Patrick Murphy
Thomas Murphy
Lorraine Mahar
Andy Mang
Matt Mang
Miss Millie
Miss Millie
Meara Murphy
Joy Murphy
Jessica Moore
Joy Murphy
Johanna Mustico
Vivian Newman
Monica Nuttles
Barbara O’Connor
Saburo Okazaki
Ken Phakkhonkham
Reily Gorman
Gretchen Oubre
Lynette Parker
Madeline Patricia
Janine Polak
Grace Poleto
Oliver Powell
Miss Millie
Nico Quevedo
Deb Radice
Chazz Robinson
Trini Ross
Cathy Sandoval
Nancy Santiago
Peter Schifferle
Grace Scott
Wendy Seiflein
Rebecca Simmons
Shawn Smith
Jennifer Stockmeyer
The Radice Family
The Reimers Family
The Moslow Family
The Margfolia Family
Brittney Valelry
Annabelle Wardzala-Ludwick
Danny Yeh
Cyd Cox
Anthony Brown
George Reimers
The M&T Bank Team:
Susan Giczkowski
Lace Rankin
Dianne Ackendorf
Milka Kulic
Jason Cleckner
Alexis-Marie Lindstrom
Daryle Schroeder
Paul Zoda
Tracy Cheeves
Matthew Rudin
Lace Rankin
Gabriella Attardo
Ava Rosenecker
Molly Rosenecker
Salehah Carothers-Abdullah
Jiovanni Rivera
Kristen O’Donnell
Karina Goodman
Steph Muller
Danielle Greenberg
Anisha Shrestha
Yanel Garcia
Vernon Wideman
Naomi Jones
Mike Jones
Mike Garvey
Hareem Zuberi
Nicole Fieramusca Andrus
Alfred Krombach
Molly Krombach
Jill Robert
Alix Merrill
Kevin Jordan
…and many more!

…and to all the unlisted individuals and families, thank you for making our festival a reality!

And a Thank You to the Businesses and Organizations that Supported our Volunteer Efforts:

Poster Art
Parables Gallery and Gifts
Gino’s NY Pizza
Fern and Arrow
Head Over Heels
Thin Ice
The Cellar
SoleHodge Liquor
SPOT Coffee
Mister Goodbar
iT Garden Phone Repair
Westside Stories
Freddie J’s
Lorigo’s Meating Place
San Bor Sports
G&L Flooring Center
Alterations By Nancy
Global Villages
Buffalo State Rotaract Club
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